Our History

Founded in 2012, at Palhoça/ Santa Catarina, BM4 was born form the need to solve one of the greatest problems in odontology, teeth sensibility. After years of research and development, BM4 was born with its great differential, the whitening line Power Bleaching and desensitizer line Painless focused in the high aesthetic field.

Its debut in the field happened with Power Bleaching, a dental whitening system made with carbamide peroxide, which beyond efficiency and aesthetic safety clinically attested, brings as main differential the presence of potassium oxalate in its composition as a desensitizer agent, creating a completely new experience in whitening use by making possible to perform a sensitiveness free treatment, genuinely attending to the construction of a minimally invasive aesthetic. This is innovation, with quality and safety. This is innovation, with quality and safety.

As reflexes of these goods, BM4 became a reference is the whitening field, creating still opportunities of acting in new interfaces of aesthetics and today counts with more than 30 products in line.

But, to BM4, the construction of its brand value does not stops there! The company has identified opportunities in business and differentiation in new products lines and for that has systematically invested in the development of new technologies in resin composites, glass ionomers and dental printing materials. News that will gradually be released into the market.

This is the commitment of BM4 Best Materials 4 You

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