Desensitizer agent and dentary tubes obliterator;


Available in more than 12 countries, besides all Brazilian states.


Potassium Oxalate is an asset of biological origin with one of the greatest efficiency index in HD treatment.


Possess diversified protocols that can match the need of each case.


Painless is a biological desensitizer gel made of Potassium Oxalate that acts obliterating the dentary tubes and promoting potassium saturation and neural effect in hypersensitiveness treatment.

With exclusive formula and stability, Painlessis the most versatile and effective desensitizer currently available on the market, its use protocol of use is varied and can be used to treat hypersensitiveness originated in thermic, physical, osmotic and chemical stimuli.

It is a desensitizer agent that acts creating a potassium saturation in nerve endings unleashing a neural action by promoting a nerve depolarization joint with an obliterator action trough oxalate crystals precipitation that react with the calcium present in the exposed dentin forming the calcium oxalates that obliterates the dentary tubes, for last, possess in its formula sodium fluoride that helps in teeth remineralization.

Therefore is the desensitizer greatest effectiveness index on the market.


Powerful Components

No Sensitiveness

Painless possess triple anti sensitiveness action that promotes the most complete treatment protocol against sensitiveness available on the market.

Potassium Oxalate

Contains exclusive formula with Potassium Oxalate, the scientifically proved, most effective desensitizer agent on the market.

Sodium Fluoride

To promote and prevent teeth demineralization, Painless counts with sodium fluoride in its formula.


The Potassium included on its formula acts making the potassium saturation of the nerve endings promoting nerve depolarization.


The oxalate crystals present in the Painless, when in touch with calcium generates calcium crystals that obliterate the dentary tubes.


Because contains Sodium Fluoride, along Painless application there is also a dentin remineralization action, helping in the battle against the sensitiveness.



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Not only in the gel, but, in the package as well.


Tampa cega

Rótulo Transparente

Melhor deslise do êmbolo

Seringa ergonômica

Mode of use Painless 1,5%

  • Step 1

    Manufacture an individual tray identically to the whitening trays. If the patient already has a whitening tray, the same can be used.

  • Step 2

    Apply the Painless 1,5% inside the tray in the spaces dedicated to the teeth and keep it in the mouth for 10 minutes.

  • Step 3

    The period and the number of times of each application may vary according to the grade of sensitiveness teeth.

  • Step 4

    After the tray removal, the patient must brush his teeth and remove all gel from inside the tray. After this procedure, it must be dried and stores the tray case.

Mode of use Painless 5%

  • Step 1

    Identify the area to be treated in the patient and apply Painless 5%, a micro brush or brush 0 can be used to help in the appliance.

  • Step 2

    Keep the gel in touch with the teeth for 10 minutes, rubbing it every 2 minutes to promote the mix and desensitizer action of the product.

  • Step 3

    2 session in a role can be made if necessary.

  • Step 4

    Remove the gel with an aspirator and wash with an abundant water jet.