Transparency, Professionalism and Science

Are the premises that direct BM4 – Best Materials 4 You. A company from the dental field with a 100% national technological basis and focused in always delivering the best products to the professionals of this market.

Our History

Our history began in 2008 with the search for a whitening agent that solved sensitiveness in dental whitening treatment. After a long time o Research and Development BM4 whitening line Power Bleaching was born.

In 2012 we started our commercial operations and today we are proud to say that we are the second biggest whitening brand in Brazil, a big step in such short time.

Everything thanks to the technological focus within BM4 DNA, the exceptional quality of its products and the acknowledgement of the best professionals of Brazilian odontology.



Felipe M. Saliba


Fabio Andretti


Tininha Gomes


Eduardo Souza Jr.


Rafael Andreioulo


André F. Figuerôa



Power Bleaching

BM4 whitening possess in its formula Potassium Oxalate and Sodium Fluoride, the most effective combination in sensitiveness control.



Viscosity and density, everything according to the need. The whitening does not run, the resin does not fall, and the acid spreads, every product with the best possible appliance characteristic, this is BM4.



See everywhere. This is the setout of the acids from the Etching line, with strong and fluorescent coloring, we can see where the acid is while conditioning and if there is something left after cleaning, perfect for a 100% well done conditioning.


Beautiful Forever

Light curing resin cement Natures Veneer: resistance, beauty and durability, everything in a single product, and, to be perfect, its Try-in possess the cement color after the light curing process.



BM4 Home Whitening possess a light scent of mint, açaí and orange to allow the patient a comfortable procedure.


6- Translucent and Radiopaque

The most outstanding characteristic of Power Post pins. Besides the high mechanic resistance, they already come silanized.


Ortho Adhesive

Ortho Natures Color Change, besides the excellent adhesion and resistance to shearing, is the only adhesive in the market with double trace action: color change and fluorescent trace.


Potassium Oxalate

Painless, the desensitizer line counts with the most efficient agent in the market for sensitiveness control.

  • Who uses?

    Besides the 250 distribution points in Brazil, we count with sakes points in more than 4 countries, everything to take the best product to the professional. We act in all Brazilian states and with a respectful satisfaction index:

    Clients Satisfaction


    Produced Whitenings


    Treated Patients

  • Teeth whitening causes sensitiveness?

    It is possible that a whitening treatment causes sensitiveness, this is why a clinical evaluation is important and a dentist must be following the procedure. With this thought, BM4 developed Power Bleaching whitening line that combines potassium oxalate and sodium fluoride, to reduce the minimum the sensitiveness avoiding enamel demineralization.

    Sensitiveness Index

    Approximately 80% of the populations does not feels sensitiveness in teeth whitening procedures.

    BM4 Index

    With Power Bleaching line, this index goes up to 95%

  • Will it be good?

    During a restoration with resin cement or comped resin it is needed a light curing process, but, the portion of resin that is in contact with oxygen tends to not be 100% cured, for that we have Power Block, the oxygen blocker perfect to protect your restorations during the light curing process.

    Light Curing with Oxygen blocker

    Use Power Block in restoration procedures and composed resin reconstructions substantially increases the resin quality and its adhesion.